NEWS FLASH – Records Seen In Record Store


July 3, 2014 by 45spin


Yesterday was an historic day at Mill City Music as we actually brought records into the store. Now that does not mean that we are selling them yet as the store will not be open for another two months but it does mean that “THIS IS NOW A REAL RECORD STORE” as it has now has vinyl records inside.


In all we moved 424 boxes to Mill City Sound’s newly finished basement from the basement of my home. About 180,000 45’s, 22,700 albums and 10,500 CD’s. that have I have been accumulating for the store over the last few years from flea markets, record collectors, estate sales, auctions, record shows, thrift stores and just about anywhere that has a handwritten “For Sale” sign tacked up somewhere. As those of you that have followed my blog you know that I have a certain fondness that borders on obsession when it comes to those beautiful 7″ records and seeing all 180,000+ of those 45’s stacked up together confirms that I have truly went over the edge.

As we were moving them around on the shelves we set up in the basement of the store and getting them organized, I couldn’t help but think about all of the places I’ve been and all the kind people I have met during my search for this black gold. Interesting thing to me was when I told most people that I was starting a record store, most of them smiled and then proceeded to tell me about a personal connection that they had with the records that I was buying. These just weren’t any old items that they were selling like a blender or Tupperware bowl but real moments in their lives that were forever captured by the sight and sound of a vinyl record, hard to imagine a digital file ever having quite the same effect on anyone’s life years from now. Music is personal and as such exposes our soul for the world to see. Like love, everyone has a beginning and end and some very special moments in-between.

So in a perfect world I would of had a record player and played a song to christen this historic moment in time. Do I play the Beatles “Rock & Roll Music’ in a nod to both Chuck Berry and the Fab Four, or do I go for tough and do the Rolling Stones “Honky Tonk Woman”, you know this Stones – Beatles debate is still going on. Or Maybe it’s Hank Williams “Moanin’ The Blues” as Hank truly was and continues to be the guiding light in the Americana/Outlaw Country revival we are experiencing today. And then again there is James Brown the godfather of soul, his song “I Got You (I Feel Good) is impossible not to groove to. And then there is Jack White’s new album “Lazaretto” which shows why last years ambassador for Record Store Day was the perfect choice. Who in the hell thought that bonus tracks on vinyl was even possible.

But no, the only choice can be Bob Dyan’s “Positively 4th Street” As Bob Dylan is a local artist and the song’s title was actually was used to name a local record store in Minneapolis that I spent a fair amount of  time at in my misspent youth. Interesting note is that a lot of Dylan fans thought the song is about the 4th Street in NYC’s Greenwich Village, but Dylan also lived above a drugstore on 4th street in the Dinkytown neighborhood of Minneapolis where he was still known as Robert Zimmerman. Not sure which one is true but I gotta stick with the local angle.

I gotta get a turntable down here quick, I gotta 180,00 singles to play.

26 thoughts on “NEWS FLASH – Records Seen In Record Store

  1. Richard Mayo says:

    Exciting stuff. And a little awe inspiring when you see all of that drastic plastic in one place.

    • 45spin says:

      After we got it all stacked on the shelves and were barely standing as we were so tired from lifting all day, I thought to myself “This is unbelievable’ and took the picture that I used in the blog. Now alphabetizing all of these is going to take a lifetime.

  2. You are living the dream!! Love it! This is very exciting stuff…

  3. 1537 says:

    I want to be you!

    • 45spin says:

      And I really need your musical knowledge of everything “Metal” so I don’t screw up the heavy metal section of the store.

      • 1537 says:

        On strict condition that I get a complimentary coffee, should I ever visit.

      • 45spin says:

        Better yet, As I know you been known to listen to “The Donnas” How about you give me a list of the top 250 heavy metal albums that I should be stocking and I just happen to have a signed The Donnas Spend The Night CD in exchange for the list. Might make a good post?

  4. Logan Enright says:

    Wow, I’m coming for the opening. I’ll think of some excuse to be in MN…Love all this Rob. And what a writer!

  5. Local boy Bob Dylan? Will you invite him to open the store?

    If records make a record store (a reasonable premise), then you have the real deal going, Rob. Keep us in far flung lands posted, eh?

  6. stephen1001 says:

    It just got real! Great work – it’s been fun being along for the journey, voting on the logo, seeing the building come together

    • 45spin says:

      Thanks, and next time I’m gonna call you when I need to move all these records again 🙂

      • ronscloset says:

        Congratulations, I am happy to of been a small part of your massive collections of 45’s. Good luck trying to listening to all those 45′

      • 45spin says:

        Thank you my Friend, and some of the best 45’s that I found came from this wonderful place in Louisiana 🙂
        Hope you’ve had a great summer and that your home improvements are all done.

  7. “These just weren’t any old items that they were selling like a blender or Tupperware bowl but real moments in their lives that were forever captured by the sight and sound of a vinyl record, “
    ABSOLUTELY! Albums are more than the sum of their parts, it’s an interactive experience that creates permanent memories. Above and beyond the musical memories themselves, it was:
    Carefully placing the needle on the record, while raving to your friends about what you’re about to play them.
    Passing the cover around to show the art and the credits. Enjoying the movements of those who were moved enough to dance.
    Identical to a meal or a wine-tasting at a social event to implant the interaction of the event in our long-term memories.
    Best of Luck with your store!!

    • 45spin says:

      Thanks for the good luck, interesting note you made about the new album ritual among a group of friends. And yes I am guilty as charged.

  8. J. says:

    That looks like the kinda basement I’d like to rummage around in! Good work and good luck, sir!

  9. 5thtop says:

    Hi. Great blog. I am in awe of the size of your collection. I only wish I wasn’t in the UK. Don’t suppose you’re going to put your wonderful internet skills to use and do mail order…? Many, many congratulations on having made it this far and keep up the good work!

    • 45spin says:

      Thanks for the kind words. As soon as I get the store up and running I will be setting up a virtual store. As I have been to some of the vinyl stores in the UK I can only hope that I can be as worthy.

  10. Jiggs Lee says:

    I’ve got a big ‘ol pile of foreground/background formatting just looking for a place to reside.
    Make Michael Malone proud and say “I will”.
    It’s Karma. You made this Monster “Part 2”. Now, live with it.

    – Jiggs

  11. Marie says:

    Looks great! Wow! I think a virtual store is a good idea too. Rock onward!

    • 45spin says:

      Thanks Rusty, I have been working 24/7 trying to get ready for the grand opening on August 30th. Seems my dream has become my life and it sure is one hell of a ride right now. As soon as I get through this I’m hoping to be able to get back to blogging again and hopefully even sleeping again. Take care my favorite blogger 🙂

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