August 8, 2014 by 45spin


I haven’t blogged for awhile and I wish I could say it was because the record store was consuming all of my energy and all the crazy shit that comes from starting a new business and opening a store. But that answer would be way too easy and one that someone would give if they not being totally honest with themselves. No, the store is going awesome,we have set August 30th as the grand opening and the renovation of this beautiful 114 year old is 99% done and all we have left to do is set up the POS (Point Of Sale) system, inventory and then bring out the records and have some fun.

Here are some pictures of the progress at the record store


No, the real reason I’ve avoided blogging is because I’ve been trying to decide what was I going to to do with this blog now that records have become more than just a passion in my life.  It’s no longer just about me but about a record store that developing a life of it’s own. The amazing thing about dreams is that once you make them real they become the dreams of others. The staff, the customers, the friends all make make this dream come true.  All I did was have the faith to believe that dreams do come true.

So in a few weeks 45Spins is gonna disappear and Mill City Sound is gonna take it’s place. I will still be writing it but instead of it being the observations of a music guy, it will be from the perspective of a real independent record store trying to make it in a world going digital.

Hope to see you on the flip side.




  1. Robin says:

    Not surprised to hear about the shift. Still really excited about the project and will keep following as Mill City Sound

    • 45spin says:

      Thanks Robin, Branding gets pretty difficult to manage and then it ends up just confusing everyone when you are running multiple identities So goodbye 45Spins and hello Mill City Sound. Hey the new Jenny Lewis is pretty damn good.

  2. Richard Mayo says:

    Already signed up and good to go.

  3. Looks like a gorgeous store, inspiring to read about turning a hobby & passion into a career, being surrounded by records and talking about music for a living IS a dream come true although I realize there’s more involved including hard work. Best wishes to you.

    • 45spin says:

      Thanks, It really has been a labor of love and a lot of hard work. But when you do things that you really like it never really seems like work at all. Life gives you as much as you can dream 🙂

  4. Thom Hickey says:

    Good luck. Exciting times. Regards Thom.

  5. Carry on living the dream! and good luck I will watch out for your store. Best regards Simon

    • 45spin says:

      Hi Simon, Thanks for the well wishes. And how is the bike riding going, you know long distance bike riding is something I have always wanted to do someday. I hope the English summer was a good one.

  6. Troy Yeary says:

    Congratulations on the store, it looks incredible. I only wish I lived somewhat near your area, as I’d love to check it out once it opens. Looking forward to the new blog as well. Best wishes for success!

  7. ronscloset says:

    I am impressed with your record bins. it looks like my one cabinet on steroids.

    • 45spin says:

      Hi Ron, You know those record bins were designed and redesigned a dozen different times before we got them right. The challenge as we both know is making them strong enough so they don’t sag. And these mothers better not sag anytime soon or else the only other option is concrete bins Take care my friend and I hope the weather in Louisiana hasn’t been too hot.

  8. J. says:

    Best o’ luck, man. Looks good and I’ll look forward to reading all about the store …

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